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New Year, New 365

New Year, New 365 | Dallas Photographer

I had ever intention of doing a project over the past year, but I’ve discovered unless I do a 365 (a photo a day for a year), then I just don’t do it.  The past year, I hit burnout mode.  I had hit it the year before with client work, but now with my own work, I was tired.  And my family was tired of me.
So, we all took a year off and now I’m back.  I can’t say my family is excited.  But I am!
I’m back with my fourth 365!

Challenges this year are that my kiddo is in first grade, five days a week, 8-3:00.  So by the time I even think about my photo, it’s evening.  Fine in the summer when days are longer, but in the winter… not much light.  I am finding that most of my January photos are creative light, artificial light, low-key light.

I’m in another blog circle with some of my 365 group and I’m so glad to be back in the fold of keeping up with them and their photography… and families!  Follow each link to see some amazing photographs from the month of January.  We have decided to pick a few of our own favorites each month.  No particular number.

Next up is Elyse Jokinen’s blog!  Go experience a little bit of paradise in her images.  She’s in Hawaii (super jealous!!) and hoping I’ll be paying her part of the world a visit very soon!

And be sure to follow the circle to see images from all over the world.


Happy 2018!