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February Hit List Blog Circle | Dallas Photographer

February Hit List Blog Circle | Dallas Photographer

Despite getting an extra day this month, February has really flown by.  It’s been an exceptionally warm month for us, so a lot of my images are full of outside playdates around the house with some of our friends.  We are trying to make the most of playing with our friends since this is the last year before full-time school begins in the fall.  The start of the month saw my son’s HALF birthday and he lost his first tooth on the same day.  February also gave us this greeeeeeat stomach bug that ripped through all of us over the course of a few days.  But I managed to pull myself out of bed to get that image on a couple of the days.  Now… that’s dedication to a project.  Ha!

Follow the blog circle and visit my friend, Francesca’s blog.  Linking up is totally random based on us getting our project posted to each other.  I just happened to get Francesca again!  I love her use of colors.  They have a film-like quality to them, just lovely.  Remember, these are their own favorites from the month, not mine… but I hope she posted the one that was NOT from her side of the room.  I just FELL in love with that image this month.  It’s just real.  And it’s just gorgeous because it is so.



My Valentine date since Daddy was home in bed with that stomach bug.  186187

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